9/11 - Hard Facts, Hard Truth
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What can be done?

It is not really my place to tell other adults what to do with their time. The question 'what can be done' has many answers. It is up to the reader to pursue justice in whatever way seems appropriate to her/him. I can make these suggestions: investigate for yourself, reflect, think about it, talk about it, pass my paper around, browse through the provided links, get your mind/heart wrapped around the truth, share it with others, write your own paper, call your family and friends, call/write your congress-people and tell them we know, write to your local newspapers and tell them we know, be kinder to your children, work out your own personal crap you've been avoiding for so long, eat better food, take a walk, and chop lots of wood. Convince yourselves that our children need our undivided attention, plant a garden, travel to Iraq, give money to some of the 9/11 websites, get involved, ask yourself why Pat Tillman was really killed, watch less television, ride your bike, take public transportation, SLOW down, listen to Caroline Casey on Thursdays at 2 p.m. PST on KPFA.org, have some friends over for dinner, light a fire and talk about it. Find a way to connect, and the world that is currently being run by these scornful, lost children will start to unravel and reveal itself for what it truly is. The Emperor indeed has no clothes. But it is up to us to lift the mirror and hold him accountable.

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