9/11 - Hard Facts, Hard Truth
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There are, literally, hundreds of websites and books dedicated to 9/11. Some of them are good, some of them are not so good. There are serious, professional scientists and investigators involved, dedicated, and working hard to seriously sift through the evidence, raise questions, and compose a more logical narrative about the events of 9/11. There are also other folks involved in the 9/11 'truth movement' who like to rant and scream and promote bizarre ideas about giant laser beams from outer space and 'no-airplane' hypotheses that seem, to me, to serve only to discredit the 9/11 'truth movement' as a whole. Everyone who reads a little deeper into the story of 9/11 will be hooked by a different aspect and particular storyline. For me, my curiosity/suspicion was initially piqued in late 2001 because of the lack of any coherent military response to four lumbering commercial jumbo jets, all confirmed hijacked, meandering unimpeded through the most restricted airspace in the world and slamming into high value targets and buildings - including the military headquarters of the most powerful nation in the history of the world. For you, it will perhaps be something different. And luckily, there is a website and/or video and/or book dedicated to illuminating almost every angle of the story. Below is a list of what I (and I have read and viewed hundreds) consider the most reliable, coherent, and professional sites, videos, and books. After the list of links, I also mention a number of people and organizations to be wary of.

A. Websites

911research.wtc7.net Jim Hoffman's site is, for me, the best. No junk science. No incivility. Just the facts. Oppressively, comprehensively thorough. The best place to start for anyone interested in 9/11.

cooperativeresearch.org Paul Thomson's 9/11 timeline was the first, and it is still the best. It is an exhausting compilation of only mainstream, primary source media reports that, when put together as a whole, confirm that the U.S. government, at the very least, knew about 9/11, let it happen on purpose, and then covered up all pertinent information to rewrite history. That they actually planned and executed the event is only a small, logical step to take once the rest of the evidence is considered.

stj911.org Run by Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, et. al. This is the leading scientific 9/11 truth website. Hard evidence only. Sober. Logical. The best place to start for any scientifically bent personality. (This site is not to be confused with www.st911.org, run by James Fetzer.)

911truth.org One of the best. A basic site with weekly updates and events. Lots of links as well.

911blogger.com - daily updates and links regarding all things 9/11.

pentagonresearch.com One of the best researched sites. The author is blissfully calm, unranting, and level. The best overall picture of the Pentagon aspect of the 9/11 narrative. (Note: in early 2007, the site was temporarily shut down for renovation and to accommodate all the new research that has been done since its inception. Check back in late 2007 for the new version.)

pilotsfor911truth.org As the title suggests, an organization of pilots and aeronautical engineers and military experts highlighting the impossibility of the 'official story', and calling for a new investigation.

physics911.net Another good, basic, general site. Lots of scientists, mathematicians, professors, etc. Features the work of A.K. Dewdney, a famous Canadian mathematician now heavily involved in the search for some truth about 9/11.

infowars.com Alex Jones's slightly over the top, Armageddon style site. But do not be misled, it is filled with serious research, pertinent analysis, and loads of good info, interviews, videos, etc. Don't let the tone turn you off.

oilempire.us/911.html A comprehensive tour of oil's connection to not only 9/11, but all of the world's geopolitical maneuvering.

fromthewilderness.com Michael Ruppert's engaging, highly informative site. A good place to browse.

B. Videos

'9/11 Mysteries' is, in my estimation, the best produced/researched of the 9/11 films. (Note: In May of 2007, because of alleged copyright 'infringements', this video has been taken down from Google Video and Youtube a number of times. If this link does not play, search for it in a web browser. Or you can go directly to their website: www.911weknow.com)

question911.com Provides free download links to almost every 9/11 video that exists. An excellent place to jump in for those more apt to listen and watch.

BBC's 'The Power of Nightmares' series. Not 9/11 specific, but an excellent, engaging overview of how modern politics uses fear and trumped up 'threats' to control populations and shape public opinion. A must see for anyone seriously interested in modern politics. (also available here)

British MP Michael Meacher and Former German Secretary of Defense Andreas von Bülow detail the facts showing that 9/11 was an inside job on this excellent video from Dutch Television.

The History of Oil Not 9/11 specific, but a brilliant one-man comedy performance detailing oil's role in all the wars of the 20th century, including the current Iraq war. It's a scathing, articulate call to arms.

A brief video about Saddam Hussein's 40 year relationship with the U.S. and the CIA.

universalseed.org More available 9/11 videos.

911truth.org Audio and video links pertaining to 9/11.

C. Books

As with the number of websites, there are a prodigious number of books dedicated to 9/11. The four best I've read, all available online or at good bookstores:

Debunking 9/11 Debunking: An Answer to Popular Mechanics and Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory, Dr. David Ray Griffin, Olive Branch Press, 2007.

9/11 Synthetic Terror, Webster Griffin Tarpley, Progressive Press.

The War On Truth, Nafeez Ahmed, Olive Branch Press.

The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions, David Ray Griffin, Olive Branch Press.

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