9/11 - Hard Facts, Hard Truth
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Flight 93

This is one of the shortest of this paper's headings/chapters. But it is no less compelling. The 'official' story of UA Flight 93, a Boeing 757 that was supposedly brought down in a field in Shanksville, PA by a small group of passenger 'heroes', is so absurd that to even consider and talk about it logically is to give it more weight and efficacy than it deserves. We have been told that this aircraft was allowed to fly around the skies of the United States for 1 hour and 49 minutes AFTER the first confirmed hijacking of Flight 11 and the onset of a series of events that included the crashing of two separate airplanes into the two most high profile buildings in the country, and a third into the nation's military headquarters. If this official story is true, it means our multi-trillion dollar, state-of-the-art, sophisticated military apparatus was unable to locate, engage, and defend this country against an enemy Air Force composed of one - one single, lumbering, unmaneuverable, unarmed, United Airlines jumbo jet that wandered unseen through our heavily restricted airspace for almost two hours after the beginning of the worst domestic attack in the country's history. Imagine an enemy Air Force composed of highly trained, lethally armed, multiple squadrons of professional fighter jets attacking from strategically coordinated multiple directions.

Either our entire military industrial society is a mockery of a farce in which every federal politician and military officer should be brought to trial and held accountable for collusion, incompetence, and high treason, or the official story is untrue. Clearly the former is not possible, so what did happen to Flight 93? As with the rest of the 'official' narrative of 9/11, the government's story is directly contradicted by available evidence and eyewitness reports. As a result, a number of side theories have emerged on an array of different web sites and through a number of published papers. (Google 'Flight 93' for examples.) Some of these theories are compelling. Some are outlandish. But none are more absurd than the one the government has told - the one repeated ad nauseam without any critical analysis in the mainstream press over the past five years.

All available evidence and eyewitness reports point to either a missile or a bomb as cause for Flight 93's demise. So why is the government, again, fabricating a nonsensical narrative that so blatantly contradicts available facts and evidence? Why is the public, yet again, so willing and eager to believe such nonsense? Why are family members and members of the press who were finally allowed to listen to the tape of the cockpit voice recorder NOT allowed to listen to its last three minutes? Why were these same press and family members legally barred from taking notes or receiving a copy of the tape recording? Why has that tape not been made public for the rest of us to hear and scrutinize? Why do we just sit here and take these decrees and declarations from the 'authorities' when it is they who work for and stand accountable to us? We as a nation believe in and stake claim to a free, open, democratic, orderly, and accountable society. In what way are we demanding, exercising, and animating these rights?

Ultimately, what actually happened to Flight 93 - missile, bomb, passenger heroes, etc. - is not fundamentally significant to the question of government complicity in 9/11. Ultimately, what is most compelling, is the fact that the government lied. The airplane was allowed to fly around our airspace for almost two full hours after the onset of the attacks. Why? And why have we been told some absurd narrative of switched off transponders, lost aircraft, and military confusion? Why were we told the airplane crashed into a field because of the actions of a few 'heroes' when all available evidence points to a much simpler explanation? Why the lies? Why the convoluted fabrications? Why the lack of accountability? Clearly the truth about Flight 93 reveals something the government wants covered up. The task of pulling off those covers is ours.

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